Welcome to my Journey

While attempting a career change, I have taken a coding boot-camp. This had a focus on web development and JavaScript in particular. Much of what I have currently done is in React JS, like my portfolio page, and a few projects that we did during training. I have created this page to show some of my work and to talk about some of my upcoming learning experiences. My name is Dave, and this is just part of my journey.

Let’s start with my portfolio page. This was built using React JS and is hosted on GitHub. Initially it was created using basic HTML and CSS, but I felt that it needed to be more robust to show off what I had learned. It was also important to me to make this site mobile responsive, and to have a different feel and design while looking at it on a mobile device. Visit my portfolio to see more of the projects that I made and to get a little more information about each as well as links to their respective GitHub code.

Another project that I feel really shows what I can do is a notepad application that I created that again utilizes React JS and is hosted on Google Firebase. Firebase also handles the authentication and password recovery for the application, and is the database. Using Firebase was a challenge to me because it was the first time I stepped outside of the languages and programs that I had learned on during the boot-camp, allowing me to really stretch my comfort zone. Check out Jotpad here.

My first project that I had done during my boot-camp is still one of my favorites. It is a JavaScript logic game called Tower of Hanoi. Tower of Hanoi is a logic game where you must move a series of disks between three towers. You are only allowed to move one disk at a time and a larger disk may not be placed on top of a smaller disk. The game ends when all the disks are on the third tower. Play it here.